Investigative journalism is widely viewed as extremely difficult and dangerous work in journalism. Only journalists/reporters with courage can handle it’s hard work and impacts. The view is not totally wrong, but it's also not really accurate.

It’s true that investigative journalism or investigative reporting needs courage, skill, perseverance and special ability, but it does not mean it cannot be done by any journalist. It also needs proper knowledge to carry out the hard and complicated work. That is the reason Tempo Institute holds this class where a number of experienced Tempo’s journalists will share their knowledge and experience in conducting investigative reporting.

This Investigative Journalism Online Class aims to foster the culture of investigative journalism in Indonesia. Tempo Institute collaborates with Free Press Unlimited (FPU), a non-profit organization for media development based in the Netherlands, to provide this class. FPU has been active in seeking access to quality information for everyone all over the world, while Tempo Institute is an education unit in Tempo Inti Media Group to promote good practices of journalism around Indonesia. The Online Investigative Journalism Class is one of them.

In this course we will provide practical guidance that allows you to do coverage that is not only broad-impact but will also always be remembered.

Learning Objectives
Participants were able to create impactful investigative coverage.

  1. Definition of Investigative Journalism
  2. Planning for Investigative Coverage
  3. Dig The Investigation Source
  4. The Technique of Analysis on Investigation Data
  5. Security and Safety Investigations
  6. Writing an Investigative Report